First Chance to get “Last Chance”

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After a little over a year since we first began recording drum tracks, my very first album of original material on CAUDog Records is real.  It’s so real that it’s sitting in a box in my living room.  And now you all can have one!

As of 12:00am this morning, it is available digitally on Bandcamp, itunes, and cdbaby.  Unfortunately, none of the sites are carrying physical copies just yet, but that will change soon. Until then, there are two ways to get physical copies.  You can find them at any Chicago Acoustic Underground sponsored show.  Check out the schedule at

Additionally, physical copies are available through me directly.  Send a message to jeff @  and I will send you a payment address.  For $18 (covers the album cost, shipping, and the 2 mile round trip to the post office) I will send you a bright shiny copy of my brand new album. Upon request, I’ll sign it and send you a charming handwritten note because I’m that kind of guy…

I accept Paypal too! Isn’t technology neat?

What’s more, I’m currently in discussions with a major Chicago venue to set up an official release party in September, and I’ll be revealing details on that as soon as they are all confirmed.

For now, I hope that you can enjoy this album.  I had a lot of help from very dear friends and musical partners to make this real.  Michael Teach, Christine Knodle, Jim Lordeman, Michael Narvaez, Ellis Clark, Mars Williams, Barrett Tasky, Leyla Royale, Marley Dzis, Kole Hansen, and Alexis Booth for starters.  They all appear on the record, and make it amazing.

 So yes, go forth, little album.  Do good things.

And if you buy it and listen to it and like it, please tell me.  And then tell the world!

…because the world needs music.

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