• Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown with Guitar

“Jeff Brown is a talent and a force to remind us all is not lost, and gorgeous, true, feeling songs are still out there. ” -Katie L.S., iTunes

Album Review ~ “Last Chance”

Jeff Brown of Chicago, the musician-turned-music industry lawyer-turned-musician who grew up with his ears glued to Iron Maiden records and can shred electric guitar with the best of them, has chosen to explore a softer side of music. Creating songs rooted in the gentle musings of contemplative trailblazers like Carole King and James Taylor with modern touches similar to Damien Rice and Ryan Adams, the result is an album that sounds like the band is right in your living room.

Vocal duets with Austin’s Kole Hansen on tracks like “Leaving” are memorable and dramatic and the record falls into a comfortable groove. “Rain” provides a hook recalling a children’s nursery rhyme song with the feeling and power that only jaded experience can provide. Primarily folky, the album flexes its Pop muscles with the upbeat song “Harder (a song for May)”.  The song “Grace”, in itself a slow burner lighter-flicking drinking dark scotch in the corner of a bar and having a moment type of tune that would blow away most NPR listeners, takes an adventure that even Columbus would be proud of. Mars Williams, world-famous saxophonist for bands including the Psychedelic Furs, guests solos on the song providing a genuine jazz saxophone experience in the midst of an otherwise flat folk world.

The album artwork is a photograph of the remarkable ruins of a giant broken down auditorium, symbolic perhaps of the emotional wreckage of relationships and their strange beauty. Jeff’s artistic musings on this album come from days and hours spent studying the beauty of those ruins. It ends on an uplifting note, with the message that the best is yet to come.

An adept performer, Jeff has been in local rock outfits Goodbyehome and Cobalt & the Hired Guns, and has toured nationally and internationally. His stage presence, sense of humor and above all the passion with which he shares his ideas with others make him a singer-songwriter to be reckoned with. From small, intimate cafés to large venues like Chicago’s Metro and House of Blues, Jeff performs solo as well as with Jeff Brown & the New Black.

Released on Chicago’s CAUDog Records,  Last Chance is a collection of introspective indie-folk rock songs that deliver equal parts of “desperation and hope”.  Last Chance is a collection of eleven songs recently produced by Ellis Clark and Chicago-based CAUDog Records.