Jeff & the Matrimony?

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There comes a time in a solo singer-songwriter’s life when he gets together a semi-permanent group of musical partners and conspirators, and they make awesome music together, and he looks at it all and says, “This is good.”

There occasionally comes a time in that same singer-songwriter’s life when he realizes that it’s both inaccurate and perhaps a bit egotistical to keep on billing the act by his name alone.

My friends, that time is now.

I have built a wonderful relationship with three dear friends, and together we have been making some seriously beautiful music.  While I re-tool my full band, I have been going out as an acoustic 4-piece act with Eric Stafford on guitars, Sarah Blick on violin and vocals, and Liz Chidester on vocals.

The realization came suddenly that – among the group of us – we had something old, … Read More »