Summertime in Chicagoland…

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It’s going to be a busy one.  Once I returned from Europe, I was concerned that it was going to be a slow summer.

Clearly I was wrong.

I’m beginning the month of June with a special event: the premiere of a musical that my dear friends wrote the book for, and asked me to write the accompanying music.  It’s called Tenure Track, and it’s earned a spot in the Premiere Premieres Festival in Chicago beginning on Thursday, June 2nd.

Check out the poster below for the rest of my performances throughout the upper Midwest for the month of June.

Home Sweet Home

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Europe. Was. Amazing.

The jet lag hasn’t worn off yet, and already, I’m planning and scheming as to how to get back next year…

But until then, seriously, the jet lag is wrecking me.  Sleep soon.  And then back to work on the new recording.

And then probably some more sleep.



European Tour Update

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So, I’ll be honest, updating my webpage here is much less easy than updating my Facebook and Instagram.  I love you all, but I also do all my social media by myself.


Here are a bunch of photos from Europe thus far.  There will be more on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.