Acoustic EP is fully funded! And then some!

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I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping to reach my funding goal. And then some! Not only did you help me meet the goal, but through your generosity, the goal was surpassed. I am blessed and humbled.

Musicians face rejection every day of their lives in one form or another, and I am not immune to this — but moments like these let me know that what I’m doing is important, and that there are people who care and value the art that I love. They are invaluable, as are you.

Thank you, all of you, for being a piece of this album. I will not let you down.

Studio sessions continue…

Acoustic EP in the works…

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I have begun the process of recording an acoustic ep.  After my debut album with the full band, which I am incredibly proud of, I wanted to come back and visit what it is that made me the musician I am — the art of sitting down with a piece of wood and playing a song.  Intimate, beautiful, and simple.  After all, sometimes, all a song really needs is a singer and an instrument and an audience…

Before I start work on the follow-up to Last Chance, I would like to take some time to bring a host of new and old songs back to the basics and give you all an EP of fully acoustic songs to tide you all over, also to be released on CAUDog Records.  These past few months have been tumultuous, and from that has come … Read More »