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Studio update!

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The album is getting closer and closer!  Tracking is nearly complete, and after that, all that remains is the mixing and mastering…

And naming, and artwork design and layout, and all the other slightly less glamorous but no less important stuff.


And then I can share it with the world!


Also, seriously, I should probably name this thing soon.

…and then I went and got married

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Summer has been a bit busy, what with planning for wedding season (as well as my own)

Worth it.


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Always a pleasure to be a part of the Cedar Ridge Winery/Distillery season.  I mean, seriously…  Whiskey, Wine, Music, Food, and a beautiful setting…  What’s there not to love?

…and then life got in the way

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My friends, my fans, and whoever else reads these,


Life has gotten complicated.  Mostly good, but complicated nevertheless.  A lot of personal things that I’ll be vague about have been brewing for a few months now, and as a result, I haven’t been able to plan and perform very much.  Part of that is in an effort to finish my second full-length, but the vast majority is behind the scenes.  I’ll still be writing as much as I can, performing here and there, and working on finishing the album, but owing to everything else happening, the big tours and pushes to perform and get my music out is sadly going to have to take a back seat to the rest of my life.

Hopefully once this all clears, I will have the chance to get back up on this all.  I’m far … Read More »

Folk Alliance International

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Thank you for such an inspiring week!  To say this experience is life-changing is not really giving it the credit it deserves.  But it will do.  Until next year, FAI!


Winter tour…

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On the road again — heading towards Kansas City for the Folk Alliance International conference next month.  Hope to see you there, and along the way…

Fall Updates

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After a spring and summer filled with touring, it’s been refreshing to have had a relatively calm few months.  As of now, there are only a few shows left on the books for this year – The New Black is performing next week after nearly a year off, as a result of our bassist’s injury, and I’ll be skipping over to Swisher, IA for a one-off show at the Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery a few days after that.

If the whiskey and wine don’t keep me, I’m hoping to finish the album when I get back, and start turning up the energy for 2017.  I’m anxious to start getting back on the road, and hopefully in the air for a return to Europe next Spring (booking now for UK dates in April & May!)

I hope to have more news for … Read More »

Hello from the Studio!

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A few snapshots from Handwritten Recording, where I’ve spent the past few months working on some new music that I hope to have to you by this Fall!

Summertime in Chicagoland…

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It’s going to be a busy one.  Once I returned from Europe, I was concerned that it was going to be a slow summer.

Clearly I was wrong.

I’m beginning the month of June with a special event: the premiere of a musical that my dear friends wrote the book for, and asked me to write the accompanying music.  It’s called Tenure Track, and it’s earned a spot in the Premiere Premieres Festival in Chicago beginning on Thursday, June 2nd.

Check out the poster below for the rest of my performances throughout the upper Midwest for the month of June.

Home Sweet Home

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Europe. Was. Amazing.

The jet lag hasn’t worn off yet, and already, I’m planning and scheming as to how to get back next year…

But until then, seriously, the jet lag is wrecking me.  Sleep soon.  And then back to work on the new recording.

And then probably some more sleep.