Acoustic EP in the works…

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I have begun the process of recording an acoustic ep.  After my debut album with the full band, which I am incredibly proud of, I wanted to come back and visit what it is that made me the musician I am — the art of sitting down with a piece of wood and playing a song.  Intimate, beautiful, and simple.  After all, sometimes, all a song really needs is a singer and an instrument and an audience…

Before I start work on the follow-up to Last Chance, I would like to take some time to bring a host of new and old songs back to the basics and give you all an EP of fully acoustic songs to tide you all over, also to be released on CAUDog Records.  These past few months have been tumultuous, and from that has come a great deal of heavier and darker and more beautiful songs that I can’t wait to be able to share with you.  I’ve been vetting out a lot of these songs over the past month, including several during a three-day run of solo showcases in Austin, TX for their annual SXSW conference.

I have been working with Barrett Tasky at The Workshop Jones to bring about this stripped-down vision, and all signs point to it being a powerful piece of work when it’s completed.

I have begun a campaign through Indiegogo THROUGH THIS LINK to serve as a pre-order for the album, and with the secondary function of funding the project properly.  To that end, any and all funds that are donated to finance this project will be used to fund studio time and the production of the Digi-Pak albums and registration with CDBaby and iTunes and so forth.  I really wanted them all to do it for free, but they kept laughing and hanging up the phone.  Any additional funds will be reserved and applied to promotion, publicity, and potential touring budgets.  Because let’s face it, I want to come and see your hometown and play songs for you, but gas is not getting cheaper…

I know what a good song does to me.  The thought that something I wrote can do the same for someone else is nothing short of magical.  Your support will help me do what I do best: make music from my heart that I hope can affect people. This is a pre-sale for my acoustic EP, as well as a way to raise funds to properly record and promote the EP.

“But can’t I just wait until you release the EP to buy it?” you may ask.  Of course you can, but here is a chance for something much cooler…

As the Indiegogo page notes, this is the best part!  Think of this as a pre-order for my album – If you’d like a copy of it when it comes out, this is the quickest way to get yours, because you’ll get it before it is officially released!  If you’re into immediate gratification, digital download pre-orders will cost $5.  If you really like having something to hold in your hands and put into your CD player, $10 will get you a physical copy of the ep as soon as the postal service allows.  And there is a lot of cool extra stuff for just a little more.  And some really cool stuff for more than a little more.

The important part is that every single dollar helps me bring you beautiful music.  Every dollar is one more dollar than we’re starting out with, and helps greatly.

I hope that you are able to visit the pre-order page, and allow me to share what I do with you and as many people as I can.

Again, here is the link to visit and pre-order your copy of my upcoming acoustic ep.

Thank you all in advance for your help!


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